Muskoka Woods

In a word, the Muskoka Woods trip this year was GREAT!  Everybody created great memories, and hopefully lots of lasting friendships.  Our graduating class of 2017 came together in that perfect moment on stage in the hangar.

On Monday morning you met at the front entrance of JMSS (near the library) at 6:00 a.m.  The buses should arrive at 6:15 a.m.  Mr. P and 8 students joined an almost-full bus which left 15 minutes earlier, and the rest of us boarded a bus together.

This was the forecast.  Let’s be real though… rain was our constant companion.  It definitely didn’t stop the fun though!!!




Our (Optional) Parent Information Night was October 25, 2016 at 7:00pm

This was our first chance to share with parents our plans for this year’s Grade 8 Muskoka Woods trip.  The staff and students are all excited about this long awaited adventure!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Moore, Mr. B., Mrs. D., Mr. P., Mrs. W. or the school office.


Trip Dates

We leave early on the morning of Monday, April 24, 2017

We return the afternoon of Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One great thing about going in April is that (hopefully) we can avoid the black flies and mosquitoes.  It also gives students and staff an opportunity (if they wish) to be part of a “Polar Bear Dip”.  Check that one off your bucket list!

We Need To Know Who’s Going

In order to book the camp and buses, and to have an idea of cost-per-student, we need an idea of how many students will be participating.  A form went home on February 10, 2017.  Thank you for completing and returning it promptly.

Payment Schedule

Payment #1 was due by February 10, 2017, and was $ 125.00 (revised date February 17)

Payment #2 was due March 10, 2017, and was $ 125.00

Payment #3 was due by April 10, 2017.

The amount owed will depend on each student’s individual participation in our successful fundraising events.  Students who participated in the Pasta Dinner fundraiser paid only the original $250.00!  Those who did not participate owe an additional $35.  The rest of the cost of the trip is paid for by school funds.  Thanks, Mr. M.!!!

The “Lenovers Meat” fundraiser was a second chance to fundraise for the trip and for the costs of graduation night.  Thank you to all who participated.


Remember, even though April can feel like July, it can also feel like January.  Muskoka Woods is NORTH of Chatham, and often colder, especially at night.  There has still been ice on the lakes this month!  When you pack, remember to pack clothes that you can layer to keep you warm and dry, then remove layers as needed.


Letters From Home

Last year we started a new tradition.  Parents or loved ones wrote a letter to their eighth grader.  The letters told students how proud their families are of them, and the hopes and dreams they have for their futures.  We went to a quiet beach around sunset, and each student had time to think about their loved ones, their past, and the future that lay ahead of them.  

A letter explaining about these letters went home with you.  We ask that each family prepare such a letter, seal it in an envelope with the student’s name on it, and send it to school.  We will keep them and distribute them on night 2 at camp.  


Dance Night at Muskoka Woods

Each school attending camp will prepare and perform a dance / cheer / flash mob.  We have been rehearsing the performance, and will “tweek” it this week to make it even better!

Students Bringing Medications To Muskoka Woods Camp

If you need daily medications, puffers, or medications that you only take “as needed”, this information is for you!

Bring your prescription medication in the original container, which has your name and the dosing instructions printed on it.  Leave only as many doses as you need in the container, and leave the extras in another container safely at home.

Puffers also need to be labelled with your name.  If you take it only at certain times, it will be stored with the other medications.  If you need to carry it with you, Mrs. D. needs to be made aware of this.  It will then be YOUR responsibility to keep it in a safe place, and with you at all times.

If bringing Over-The-Counter (OTC) medication, mark the package with your name.  If the dosing instructions are different from the instructions on the package, mom or dad must include a note describing how much and when you take it.  Like prescription medications, leave only as many doses as you need in the container, and leave the extras in another container safely at home.

Common medications (like Tylenol, Advil, Polysporin, Benedryl or Gravol) are stored in the first aid box, and will be available to any students whose parents have given consent.  If you take these medications only on rare occasions, it is not necessary to bring your own supply to camp.

If possible, please bring your medications to school THE WEEK BEFORE CAMP.  We will keep them safely locked up, and it will eliminate the need for you to remember it on Tuesday morning.

Let’s hope for a safe, healthy, fun time at Muskoka Woods!

Muskoka LKDSB Shirts

“Muskoka 2017” trip participants had the opportunity to order awesome LKDSB Muskoka Woods hoodies.  These have the Muskoka Woods logo as well as the LKDSB logo, and have been a big hit!  The shirts came in “heather grey” or “navy blue”, and were available in adult sizes sm, med, lg, XL and 2XL.  Hoodies were only $ 30.00 this year (or $35.00 for 2XL). 

Shirts will be distributed to students as soon as they arrive!


Waivers and Medical Forms

These three notes were sent home with students.  Parents and students need to fill out and sign all three forms.  Camp Muskoka Woods requires signed waivers for all participants, including staff members.  The medical information helps staff and our medical staff to meet the individual needs of each student attending.  Thank you to all who turned in these forms in on time!

image  image  image

Want To Know What Life At Camp Is Like?

LKDSB are preparing to populate Muskoka Woods!  Staff, grade eight students from many local elementary schools, and high school leadership students are taking over the camp.  Muskoka Woods staff, secondary leadership students, and LKDSB staff will supervise and run 16 daytime program activities designed to challenge each camper to reach his/her personal potential.  Games, physical challenges, and strategy games will fill our days, while mealtimes and evening activities are focused on team-building and relationship-building.  Plan on lots of time outdoors, lots of walking between events, and lots of time with friends and people who will become friends.    

Below is contact information for camp and school, and a sample schedule of what a typical three day trip might look like. (this sample image is from a previous year)

(Departure time in the info below is incorrect.  Be at school for 6:00 a.m. !!)

Sample schedule for a typical trip to Camp Muskoka Woods
Day 1 (Tuesday) Day 2 (Wednesday) Day 3 (Thursday)
7:00 Note:  All times are approximate…

Arrive at camp, unload bus, and “getting to know your group” activities

Wake Up Pack Up & Bring Gear to Loading Location
8:15 Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 Period 1

(Team Building Games)

Period 1

(Driving Range)

9:50 Period 2

(Radio Station)

Period 2

(Zip Line)

10:40 Period 3

(Nature Hike)

Period 3

(Mountain Biking)

11:30 Period 4


Period 4


12:20 Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 Period 5

(Pickle Ball)

Period 5

(Low Ropes)

2:50 Period 6

(Indoor Climbing Wall)

Period 6

(High Ropes)

Note:  All times are approximate…

Load buses, depart camp, and travel to Chatham

3:40 Period 7

(Ultimate Frisbee)

Period 7

(Giant Swing)

4:30 Period 8


Period 8


5:20 Free Time Free Time
5:30 Supper Supper
6:30 Evening Program


Evening Program
9:30 Snack Snack
10:00 In Cabins (lights out at 10:00) In Cabins  (Pre-Pack for

Tomorrow’s Departure)

Here’s a rough map of the camp.  For better images, you can visit the Muskoka Woods web site at 


Cabin groups are same-gender groups, made up of students from our school.  Each cabin will have 1-2 high school students too.  Day groups will be larger groups (a mix of boys and girls) resembling this list from a past year.  Day groups occasionally blend students from more than one local school.



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