Muskoka Woods

Do you still have questions?  We understand.  Please feel free to contact the school office or an intermediate teacher.  We’re happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to assure your child has a great MUSKOKA WOODS EXPERIENCE!

In a word, the Muskoka Woods Experience AMAZING!  Grade Eights and staff members create great shared memories, and hopefully lots of lasting friendships. 

Dietary Restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions (due to allergies, health concerns, faith or personal conviction) please make the ICRPS staff aware by April 11 at the latest.

Letters From Home

The Creek has a wonderful tradition.  Parents or loved ones wrote a letter to their eighth grader.  The letters told students how proud their families are of them, and the hopes and dreams they have for their futures.  We go one evening to a quiet spot (such as the beach around sunset) and each student has time to read their letter and to think about their loved ones, their past, and the future that lay ahead of them.  

We ask that each family prepare such a letter, seal it in an envelope with the student’s name on it, and send it to school ASAP.  We will keep them and distribute them on night 2 at camp.

Trip Dates

We leave early on the morning of Wednesday, April 25, 2018.  Students need to be dropped off at FRONT DOORS of JMSS (near the library and main office).  Buses will be loading at 6:30, so aim to arrive by 6:20.  Parents, please DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD in front of JMSS, as we need this space for the buses to turn around and park.

We return the afternoon of Friday, April 27, 2018.  We’ll be aiming to arrive by 6:30, but cannot be sure, due to traffic conditions.  Students will have the opportunity to contact parents once we are nearing Chatham.  Staff will also make the school aware of any significant changes to our timing.

Students who plan to walk home from JMSS on Friday evening should bring in a note in advance so that teachers know to “release” that student without parent supervision.

Polar Bear Dip

One great thing about going in April is that (hopefully) we can avoid the black flies and mosquitoes.  It also gives students and staff an opportunity (if they wish) to be part of a “Polar Bear Dip”.  Check that one off your bucket list!

The Camp

The LKDSB Muskoka Woods Experience happens on the beautiful shore of Lake Rosseau.  Here are some maps for you to get a feel for the Muskoka Woods site.  You can also visit the Muskoka Woods web site at IMG_2699

Our boys and male staff will be staying in Timberview Village.IMG_2697Our girls and female staff will be staying in “The Woods Village”.IMG_2698Other school groups will be staying in “The Treetops Village”.IMG_2696


3 Cover Sheet

Want To Know What Life At Camp Is Like?

LKDSB are preparing to populate Muskoka Woods!  Staff, grade eight students from many local elementary schools, and high school leadership students are taking over the camp.  Muskoka Woods staff, secondary leadership students, and LKDSB staff will supervise and run 16 daytime program activities designed to challenge each camper to reach his/her personal potential.  Games, physical challenges, and strategy games will fill our days, while mealtimes and evening activities are focused on team-building and relationship-building.  Plan on lots of time outdoors, lots of walking between events, and lots of time with friends and people who will become friends.    

Cabin groups are made up of students from our school.  Each cabin will have 1-2 high school students too.  Day groups will be larger groups resembling this list from a past year.  Day groups occasionally blend students from more than one local school.  image


Payment Schedule

Each student has been made aware of how much they still owe (if anything at all).  Final payments should be made ASAP.

Payment #1 was due by February 1, 2018, and was $ 125.00  (Some preferred to pay $250 in February to cover both the first and second payments.)

Payment #2 was due March 1, 2018, and was $ 125.00

Payment #3 was due by April 1, 2018.  

The amount owed will depend on each student’s individual participation in our fundraising events.  Students from past years who participated in the fundraisers paid very little for the third payment.  A significant portion of the cost of the trip is paid for by school funds.  Thanks, Mrs. P., for supporting our trip!!!

Travel and Contact Information

Many parents are surprised that their children get so wrapped up in camp life that they forget to “miss” home.  We know though, that parents feel more secure knowing how to reach us, should an emergency arise at home.  See below for details:

Muskoka Woods Travel Information 2018  


Camp Muskoka Woods (On Lake Rosseau)

4585 Hwy 141 Box 130

Rosseau,  Ontario, P0C 1J0

Tel.:  (705) 732-4373 / Fax:  (705) 732-6430

Website address:

(Cell phone reception at camp may be weak at times.)

ICRPS Office:  519-352-3137

The office staff have contact numbers for all staff on the trip, and can reach them in case of emergency.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

6:20 a.m.     arrive at J.M.S.S.

6:30 a.m.     pack buses

6:40 a.m.     buses leave (promptly)

12:45 p.m.     arrive at Camp Muskoka Woods

Friday, April 27, 2018
Morning Activities & Lunch12:30 p.m. load buses

1:00 p.m.     leave Camp Muskoka Woods

6:00 p.m.     arrive at J.M.S.S., Chatham

Sample Schedule and Menu

Many students consider being a “picky eater” the biggest concern they have about camp life.  Others, with allergies or dietary restrictions, express concerns about finding enough food they can safely eat.

Each meal is served “buffet style”.  Diners choose only what they want to eat from the wide selection of foods available.  For students who are vegetarians, or who eat kosher or halal only, a vegetarian option is available.  We need to know of any dietary issues BEFORE camp.  Please let us know as soon as you can, for your child’s safety and comfort. 

5 Sample Schedule6 Menu



Students Bringing Medications

If you need daily medications, puffers, or medications that you only take “as needed”, this information is for you!

Bring your prescription medication in the original container, which has your name and the dosing instructions printed on it.  Leave only as many doses as you need in the container, and leave the extras in another container safely at home.

Puffers also need to be labelled with your name.  If you take it only at certain times, it will be stored with the other medications.  If you need to carry it with you, Mrs. D. needs to be made aware of this.  It will then be YOUR responsibility to keep it in a safe place, and with you at all times.

If bringing Over-The-Counter (OTC) medication, mark the package with your name.  If the dosing instructions are different from the instructions on the package, mom or dad must include a note describing how much and when you take it.  Like prescription medications, leave only as many doses as you need in the container, and leave the extras in another container safely at home.

Common medications (like Tylenol, Advil, Polysporin, Benedryl or Gravol) are stored in the first aid box, and will be available to any students whose parents have given consent.  If you take these medications only on rare occasions, it is not necessary to bring your own supply to camp.

If possible, please bring your medications to school THE WEEK BEFORE CAMP.  We will keep them safely locked up, and it will eliminate the need for you to remember it on Wednesday morning.

Let’s hope for a safe, healthy, fun time at Muskoka Woods!

8 Meds


Remember, even though April can feel like July, it can also feel like January.  Muskoka Woods is NORTH of Chatham, and often colder, especially at night.  There is often still ice on the lakes in early April!  When you pack, remember to pack clothes that you can layer to keep you warm and dry, then remove layers as needed.  If you aren’t “pre-packing” by now, you should start!  Don’t wait until the last weekend.

9 Kit List

Waivers and Medical Forms

These three notes were sent home with students.  Parents and students need to fill out and sign all three forms.  Camp Muskoka Woods requires signed waivers for all participants, including staff members.  The medical information helps staff and our medical staff to meet the individual needs of each student attending.  Thank you for turning in these forms in on time.  It makes our job so much easier!

10 Health

11 Resp

12 Waiver





Dance Night at Muskoka Woods

Each school attending camp will prepare and perform a dance / cheer / flash mob.  We will rehearse the performance in the weeks before camp.

Muskoka LKDSB Shirts

“Muskoka 2018” trip participants had the opportunity to order awesome LKDSB Muskoka Woods hoodies.  These have the Muskoka Woods logo as well as the LKDSB logo, and have been a big hit!  The shirts came in “heather grey” or “navy blue”, and were available in adult sizes sm, med, lg, XL and 2XL.  Hoodies were only $ 30.00 each for the 2018 trip (or $35.00 for 2XL).  Shirts have been ordered, and will be distributed as soon as they arrive.  Be sure to write your name on the tag with a Sharpie, as there will be MANY identical shirts at camp that week.


“I’m Interested” Forms were filled out in December.

In order to plan this trip, and arrive at a cost-per-student, we need to know who’s coming.  The form below was sent home on December 1, 2017.  Please read it, sign, and return the bottom portion to school.  This will allow us to plan groups, busing, etc.

2 commitment

(Optional) Parent Information Night

December 5, 2017 at 6:00pm

This annual meeting is our first chance to share with parents our plans for the Grade 8 Muskoka Woods trip.  The staff and students all get excited about this long awaited adventure!

Whether you attended the meeting or not, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. D., Mr. D., Mr. P., Mrs. W., Mrs. P. or the school office.  We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns.

1 meeting

Do you still have questions?  We understand.  Please feel free to contact the school office or an intermediate teacher.  We’re happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to assure your child has a great MUSKOKA WOODS EXPERIENCE!


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