Genius Hour

Hey Grade Eights!  I saw this on Ms. Langstaff’s Facebook page tonight, and it reminded me our our conversation about what makes a good driving question.  A weak question would be, “How do I make chocolate chip cookies?”  A richer driving question might be, “How does changing the ratio of the ingredients in a chocolate chip cookie change the flavour, appearance, and consistency?”

adjusting cookie recipes

What is Genius Hour?

See video at:

It’s a movement that encourages students to explore their passions.  For an hour a week,  students explore topics that interest them.  This makes learning more fun, which spills over into the rest of the week’s learning.

Genius Hour is based on three criteria:

1)  There must be a driving question (that cannot be answered with a simple internet search).

2)  The project must involve research

3)  The project needs to be shared (with the class, the school, or better yet, the world)



All of those Genius Hours spent in the kitchen have paid off, big time!

When Mrs. B. needed a cake for a very special occasion, she was ready to call the bakery.

Mr. M. had a better idea.  He suggested she give the job to our resident geniuses (genii???)



Here’s the result.  Pretty impressive, I think!

The chefs were proud of their creation, and they had every right to be proud.

Even close up, it was an impressive-looking and great tasting dessert.



The chefs presented their masterpiece to Mr. B. in front of the whole staff.

Mr. B. was so pleased with the cake!

He messaged his fiance so that she could visit this site and see the pictures. 🙂  

imageGreat job chefs!


A jam session became a guitar lesson, then a talent show show-stopper! Genius!!!  See video at:


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