“Flipped Classroom”

the flipped classroom  flip x 4

Flipping the Classroom 2014-2015 has already begun.  Using Google Classroom, I have shared with you questions, answers, links, assignments, and other useful information to help you and encourage you to learn outside of school hours.  I loved it this morning when Cole returned to school after being away yesterday and said, “I already finished the math I missed yesterday.”  Taking responsibility and taking ownership of your learning is such a powerful thing for any person to do!

The focus in a Flipped Classroom is on “flipping” the traditional “learn at school, then do homework” model.  Instead of whole-group instruction at school and homework in the evenings, a “Flipped classroom” is all about using instructional videos and other ways of learning and preparing at home, then working independently, with classmates, and with teachers on assignments in the classroom.  You access one-on-one help with your learning when YOU need it.  “Flipping” a classroom, when you aren’t used to it, can be busy, chaotic, and exhilarating!  Anyone watching but not paying close attention might think you’re doing nothing more than talking with each other and “playing” on electronic devices.


I’ve eavesdropped, watched, and interacting with students in my “Flipped Classroom”.  I’ve watched them discuss and peer-tutor each other in math, in history, and even in dance.  I’ve seen faces light up as students realize how wonderfully twisted the sense of humour of Robert Service is.  I’ve seen the pride on faces when students realize that they can tackle a really challenging math test and ace it!  I’ve seen them collaborate on reading assignments.  I’ve worked with students who were reviewing and refining their skills at fraction operations.  I’ve learned along with students as we learned together how to write computer code, and most interestingly, re-writing and editing code.

Each of you can learn just what you need to learn, just when you’re ready to learn it!




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