Snow Fun at The Creek


Last weekend, Mother Nature dumped a big load of snow on us.  So much, in fact, that the roads Monday morning were impassible.  For only the fourth time in my whole career, schools were closed.  A true “Snow Day”!


Tuesday morning we returned to a school yard that was a winter wonderland.  Vast tracts of untouched snow, just waiting to be played in.  Now for many Canadians, this might sound like no big deal.  For us here in the “banana belt”, its’ a rare and precious thing.  Many kids here have never been on skis, never been on snow shoes, never tobogganed on a hill taller than 20 metres.

Luckily, I have four pairs of snowshoes, and three classes full of students who were up for a new adventure, or ready to put a check mark on their bucket lists.  Key lessons learned… backing up on snow shoes is a bad idea!

s1The first brave souls faced the cold! 


Once a few tried it, the enthusiasm built.




s8Off they went, in twos, threes, and bigger groups.

s9It was just a reminder that some of the best learning doesn’t happen while sitting at a desk in a class room!



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