Google Classroom Is Up And Running!


Wow!  There’s been a lot of learning for all of us in the last seven days, and not all of it has been Math, Language, Art, etc.

We’ve all been learning together about how we can use Google Classroom.  So far, Kylie has shared a link for math and Larissa shared Music homework for Mrs. P.

All of you have been learning how to share and submit work that you’ve done electronically, and work that you’ve done on paper.  You’ve had to wrap your mind around due dates that fall on a weekend, giving you an extra day or two to get work done.  You’ve also become familiar with how YOUR electronic device can work as a tool, and not just for entertainment and social media.

I’ve had to work hard to learn how to create class pages and how to invite students.  I’ve learned how to post announcements and assignments.  I’ve learned how to add links and how to check to see who has submitted their work.

I think Google Classroom is going to be a great tool in our classroom this year!


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