Only One Week Till School!!!!!!!

Summer's end

I don’t know about you, but this summer sure did fly by for me.  It always amazes me how quickly time flies when you have things to keep you busy.  The best parts of the summer for me were time spent with my kids (not nearly enough hours with them, now that they’re grown up) and husband.  The hardest part of the summer was saying goodbye to Ginger, our loving Lab, who was an important part of our family for 14 1/2 wonderful years.  I guess the hard things in life help you to appreciate the wonderful parts of your life.

Hopefully your summer was fun, restful, and memorable.  I can’t wait to hear all about it a week from today!

If you’re still on “summer time”, staying up all night and sleeping all day, it’s time to start making the shift.  Doing it gradually will make next week SO much easier for you 🙂

Grade 8 is full of events and deadlines, so a planner is critical.  Think about whether you will use a paper/book planner, or an electronic planner.  Play around with your planner app this week to make sure you know how to make entries and set reminders.

Have a fantastic final week of summer before you officially become THE ICRPS GRADUATING CLASS OF 2015 !

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