Social Media Contacts for Mrs. D.

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You can follow my blog “Mrs. D. Wants You To Know” is at  Here you’ll find information on daily life in room 413, graduation details, class trip information, genius hour insights, and occasionally a random blog when I have something on my mind.

Want something more up-to-the-minute?  Follow me on Twitter @mrspdu

Want text message reminders or emails?  Join my “Remind” feed at

Click the button that says “I’m a student or parent

If you’re in 8DU, enter the class code @8du2015  

If you’re in 8AS, enter the class code @8as2015

If you’re in 7/8W, enter the class code @78wi2015

If you’re a parent, enter the class code @8dupar2015

(Parents are welcome to subscribe to class feeds if desired)

Enter your cell phone number.  It’ll text you a pin number to enter.  It’ll ask whether you’re a teacher, parent or student.


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