It’s a whole new year, so here are a few thoughts…

Well guys, it’s been seven days since you became the 8DU class of 2014.  Congratulations!  I hope you have an amazing and inspiring year.  I want you to challenge yourself.  Do things that scare you just a little.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Try something new.

I don’t ask anything of you that I don’t ask of myself.  I’ve set a few goals for myself too.  I’m going to include Genius Hour in our schedule, beginning this week!  I am determined that our first “Flip Week” will happen by the first week of October at the very latest.  I’ve made it my personal goal to learn more about using the teaching apps on my tablet, and the many web sites that I can use to make your learning experience a better one.  It still excites me each day when I learn to do something that I couldn’t do before 🙂

I want you to be excited about learning.  I want you to smile when you master a new skill, no matter how small.  I want you to look forward to coming to school each day, knowing that, whatever happens, you’ve taken one more step along the path to becoming the person you are meant to be.

Let’s have a great year, and the best Class of 2014 there is!

Mrs. D. 🙂

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